Swift Blade: A Tale of a Skilled Soldier and Notorious Bandits in Late Ming Dynasty

Discover the story of a skilled soldier with a swift blade, tasked with executing notorious bandits during the late Ming Dynasty. Witness his remarkable prowess and a bandit's admiration for his speed.

In the late Ming Dynasty, there were many bandits in the area around Jinan Prefecture. Soldiers were stationed in various counties and towns, and they would execute the captured bandits on the spot. The region of Zhangqiu had an especially high number of bandits. There was a soldier with an exceptionally sharp sword, and every time he beheaded someone, the blade could slide through the gap in the bones cleanly and smoothly. One day, they captured over ten bandits and brought them to the execution grounds. Among them, there was a bandit who recognized this soldier and hesitantly said, “I heard that your sword is the fastest, and you never strike twice. I earnestly request you to kill me!” The soldier replied, “Alright. Pay close attention and don’t leave my side.” The bandit followed the soldier to the execution grounds, and with a single swing of the sword by the soldier, the bandit’s head cleanly rolled off. Rolling a few steps away, the head was still spinning, and from its mouth, it loudly praised, “What a fast sword!”



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