Sea Lord: An Enchanting Encounter on a Mysterious Island

Explore the captivating story of Zhang Sheng, who encounters the Sea Lord and a mysterious woman on an uninhabited island, leading to a life-changing encounter with a snake spirit.

The ancient island in the East China Sea is covered with winter-resistant flowers of five colors, which never wither throughout the year. The island has been uninhabited since ancient times, and it is extremely rare to see people on the island. Zhang Sheng from Dengzhou is curious by nature and enjoys wandering and hunting. After hearing about the beautiful scenery on the island, he prepared food and wine and set off in his own small boat.

Upon arriving on the island, there, the flowers were in full bloom, their fragrance spreading for miles. Some of the trees were so thick that they could only be encircled by a dozen or so people. Zhang Sheng was captivated by the scenery and felt extremely content. He opened a bottle of wine, poured it for himself, but regretted not having a companion to share in the joy of the moment.

Suddenly, a beautiful woman emerged from among the flowers. She wore a dazzling red dress that outshone all other women. When she saw Zhang Sheng, she smiled and said, “I thought I had an extraordinary taste, but I never expected to find someone here with a similar sense of style.” Zhang Sheng, surprised, inquired about the woman’s identity. The beauty replied, “I am a courtesan from Jiaozhou and have just come from the Sea Lord’s place. He went off in search of better scenery, but I couldn’t walk any further, so I decided to stay here.” Zhang Sheng, feeling lonely, was delighted to meet the beautiful woman. He invited her to sit with him and share a drink.

The woman spoke gently and seductively, enchanting Zhang Sheng. He was very fond of her. Worried that the Sea Lord might return and spoil their enjoyment, Zhang Sheng pulled her close, and they shared an intimate moment. The woman willingly complied with his desires.

Before the two of them could become intimate, they suddenly heard the wind howling, and the vegetation swayed, making a rustling sound. The beautiful woman hastily pushed Zhang Sheng away and stood up, saying, “The Sea Lord is here.” Zhang Sheng quickly fastened his clothing and looked around in astonishment, but the beautiful woman had already disappeared.

In no time, Zhang Sheng saw a large snake crawling out from the bushes, thicker than a barrel. Zhang Sheng was filled with fear and hid behind a big tree, hoping the snake wouldn’t notice him. The snake slithered up to Zhang Sheng and wrapped itself around him and the tree, coiling around several times. Zhang Sheng’s arms were firmly bound to his waistbone, rendering him completely immobile. The snake raised its head and used its tongue to prick Zhang Sheng’s nose, causing it to bleed. The blood dripped onto the ground, forming a puddle, which the snake eagerly drank.

Zhang Sheng realized he was undoubtedly doomed, but suddenly remembered the pouch at his waist, containing poison used for killing foxes. He used two fingers to extract some, broke the paper packet, and piled the powdered poison into the palm of his hand. Then, he tilted his neck to let the blood drip onto the poison. In no time, he had accumulated a handful of blood. Sure enough, the snake approached his palm to suck the blood. Before it could finish, the snake straightened its body, wagged its tail, and emitted a thunderous sound. It collided with a tree, causing the trunk to split in half. Finally, the snake lay on the ground, lifeless, like a beam of timber.

Zhang Sheng felt dizzy and couldn’t stand up. It took him over a month to recover. He suspected that the woman was also a snake spirit.





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