Righteous Mouse: A Tale of Courage and Determination

Read the inspiring story of a courageous mouse who stood up to a snake, showcasing determination and bravery in the face of danger.

When Yang Tianyi spoke, he recalled witnessing two old mice emerging from a hole. One of them was swallowed by a snake, while the other had its eyes bulging like round peppercorns, appearing extremely resentful but keeping its distance, not daring to approach. After the snake had filled its belly, it slithered back into the cave. Just as the snake was halfway inside, the other mouse quickly rushed forward and bit the snake’s tail with great force. The snake became enraged and retreated from the hole. The mouse was naturally nimble and agile, so when it saw the snake coming out, it immediately darted away. Unable to catch the mouse, the snake returned to its original spot. As it was about to enter the hole, the mouse returned once again, still biting the snake’s tail as before. Whenever the snake went into the hole, the mouse would come to bite it, and when the snake came out of the hole, the mouse would flee. In this way, the two sides battled for a long time. Ultimately, the snake had no choice but to come out of the hole and spit the dead mouse onto the ground. The other mouse approached, sniffed for a while, made mournful “cheep cheep” sounds, as if mourning, and then carried the dead mouse away. My friend Zhang Liyou wrote a piece called “Righteous Mouse’s Deed” about this incident.



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