Pengzu Immortal Room: Ancient Legend and Mystical Shrine

Explore the mystical Pengzu Immortal Room, a legendary shrine from the Yin Dynasty associated with Emperor Zhuanxu. Discover the ancient tale, herbal secrets, and the power of rain prayers.

Pengzu, a high-ranking official in the Yin Dynasty. His surname was Qian, and his name was Kong. He was a descendant of the ancient Emperor Zhuanxu and the middle son of the Lu Zhong clan. He lived from the Xia Dynasty through the end of the Shang Dynasty and was said to have lived for seven hundred years. He regularly consumed the herb Gui Zhi. There is a Pengzu immortal room in the Liyang region. It is said that if you pray there for rain, your prayers will be immediately answered. Two old tigers were said to guard the shrine on the left and right. Although the shrine no longer exists, there are still the footprints of two old tigers on the ground.



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