Odd Fondness for Eating Snake

Explore the fascinating story of Lv Fengning, who had an unusual fondness for eating snakes, from small ones to large ones, and possessed a remarkable sense of smell.

My fellow villager Wang Puling’s servant, Lv Fengning, had a peculiar fondness for eating snakes. Whenever he caught a small snake, he would swallow it whole, just like eating a green onion. If he caught a large snake, he would cut it into one-inch pieces with a knife and then hold it in his hands to eat, chewing loudly, with blood splattering on his cheeks. Moreover, his sense of smell was exceptionally keen. Once, he smelled the scent of a snake through the wall and hurriedly ran outside, where he indeed caught a snake over a foot long. At that time, he didn’t have his knife with him, so he first bit off the snake’s head, with the snake’s tail still twisting beside his mouth.



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