Liu Haishi: The Mysterious Encounter and Transformation

Explore the intriguing tale of Liu Haishi, his supernatural abilities, and the encounter with a mystical creature that led to a remarkable transformation.

Liu Haishi was a native of Putai and came to Binzhou to escape the war. At that time, he was only fourteen years old and was classmates with Liu Cangke, a local scholar in Binzhou. Because they were very close, they became sworn brothers. Not long after, Liu Haishi’s parents passed away, and he rushed back home for the funeral. From then on, the two lost contact.

Liu Cangke came from a wealthy family. By the time he was forty, he already had two sons: his eldest son Liu Ji was seventeen years old and a renowned scholar in the county; his second son was also very intelligent. Later, Liu Cangke married the daughter of a local family named Ni as his concubine and doted on her greatly.

After six months, Liu Ji suddenly fell ill with a severe headache and died. The couple was overwhelmed with grief. In just a few days, Liu Cangke’s wife also fell ill and passed away. A few months later, Liu Ji’s widow also died, and the household servants and maids began to die one after another. Liu Cangke mourned the deceased and suffered unbearable pain.

One day, Liu Cangke was sitting in distress when suddenly he received a message from the gatekeeper that Liu Haishi had arrived. Liu Cangke was very pleased and hurriedly went out to welcome Liu Haishi inside. Just as Liu Cangke was about to exchange pleasantries, Liu Haishi asked in astonishment, “Brother, have you not heard about the calamity that has befallen your family?” Liu Cangke was greatly surprised and had no idea what he was talking about. Liu Haishi explained, “It’s been a long time since we communicated, and I’ve had my doubts about your well-being.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Cangke teared up and proceeded to recount everything that had happened in his family over the past six months. Liu Haishi couldn’t help but shed tears as well. After a while, Liu Haishi smiled and said, “Your family’s misfortune is not over yet, but luckily you’ve run into me. I have come here to offer my condolences to you.” Liu Cangke asked, “Have you become skilled in medicine during our long separation?” Liu Haishi replied, “Medicine is not my expertise, but I am quite knowledgeable in Feng Shui and physiognomy.” Liu Cangke was delighted and asked him to examine the Feng Shui of his residence, whether it was auspicious or ominous.

Liu Haishi entered Liu Cangke’s residence and thoroughly examined every nook and cranny. Then, he requested to see all the members of the family. Following his instructions, Liu Cangke gathered his son, daughter-in-law, concubine, and servants in the living room. Liu Cangke pointed to each one as he introduced them to Liu Haishi. However, when he pointed to the concubine Ni, Liu Haishi looked up to the sky and burst into laughter uncontrollably.

As everyone was filled with bewilderment, they witnessed Ni trembling all over, her face turning pale, and her body rapidly shrinking until she was only about two feet tall. Liu Haishi took a measuring rod and struck her head, producing a sound like hitting a pot. He grabbed her hair and examined the back of her head, where he found a few white hairs. Liu Haishi attempted to pull them out, and Ni, with her neck cringed, knelt there crying incessantly, pleading not to have the white hairs removed.

In anger, Liu Haishi exclaimed, “Your malicious intent has not died, has it?” Saying so, he forcefully plucked out all the white hairs from the back of her head. Ni immediately transformed into a different appearance, resembling a black ferret. Everyone present was shocked and terrified.

Liu Haishi placed it in his sleeve and said to Liu Cangke’s young daughter-in-law, “The poison in your body runs deep, and there must be something unusual on your back. Please allow me to take a look.” The young daughter-in-law felt shy and unwilling to undress to reveal her back. Liu Cangke’s younger son forced her to remove her clothes, and they saw that there were several white hairs on her back, each about four fingers long. Liu Haishi used a needle to pluck out the white hairs and said, “These hairs are already

After Liu Haishi finished speaking, he was about to take his leave. Suddenly, he felt his sleeve was empty and couldn’t help but be alarmed, saying, “It’s escaped! There was still a big hair on its tail root that I didn’t pluck, and now it has run away.” Everyone was horrified upon hearing this. Liu Haishi said, “I’ve already plucked all the hairs from its neck, so it won’t transform back into a human. It can only become an animal. I believe it hasn’t gone far.”

Liu Haishi then returned to the house to check the cats and inspected the dogs outside, but found nothing unusual. When he opened the door to the pigsty, Liu Haishi smiled and said, “It’s right here.” Liu Cangke took a look, and there was an extra pig in the pigsty. As soon as the pig heard Liu Haishi’s laughter, it

Liu Haishi put the ferret back into his sleeve and was about to take his leave. Liu Cangke earnestly tried to persuade him to stay, and Liu Haishi stayed for a meal. Before parting ways, Liu Cangke asked when they could meet again. Liu Haishi said, “That’s hard to predict. My master has long had a grand aspiration for us to roam frequently in the mortal world, helping countless beings. We will have the chance to meet again.”

After Liu Haishi left, Liu Cangke carefully ponder








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