Little Official: Mysterious Encounters in a Hanlin Scholar’s Study

A Hanlin scholar experiences a strange encounter in his study when a tiny official and his entourage visit, offering a curious gift.

A certain Hanlin scholar, whose name I have forgotten, was lying in his study during the day when he suddenly noticed a procession coming out from the corner of the hall. He saw horses the size of frogs and people as thin as fingers. There were dozens of small attendants, and one of them, wearing a black gauze hat and an embroidered robe, was sitting in a sedan chair. They all went out one after another.

The Hanlin scholar felt very strange and secretly wondered if he had hallucinated. Suddenly, he saw a small person returning to the room, holding a felt bag about the size of a fist. The small person reported, “My master has a small gift to present to Mr. Hanlin.” After saying this, he stood there without taking out anything. After a moment, he smiled and said, “This tiny gift is probably of no use to Mr. Hanlin at all. It’s better to give it to me.” The Hanlin scholar nodded, and the small person happily took the gift and left. Such incidents were never seen again. Unfortunately, the Hanlin scholar lacked the courage to inquire about the true origin of the small visitor.



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