Ge You Rides a Wooden Sheep: A Tale from the Western Zhou Dynasty

Discover the intriguing story of Ge You, a Qiang tribesman who carved wooden sheep, and how his journey led to an immortality legend during the Western Zhou dynasty.

In the Western Zhou dynasty, there was a man named Ge You, who was a Qiang tribesman from the Shu region. During the reign of King Cheng of Zhou, he had a peculiar habit of carving wood into the shape of sheep and selling them. One day, he rode on a wooden sheep and arrived in the Shu region. The local kings and nobles followed him and ascended Mount Sui. Mount Sui was abundant with peach trees and stood tall in the southwest of Mount Emei, reaching into the clouds. Those who followed him never returned and all attained immortality. Therefore, there is a folk saying that goes, “Obtain a peach from Mount Sui, and even if you don’t become immortal, you can still be proud.” There are dozens of shrines dedicated to Ge You at the foot of Mount Sui.



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