Hail God: A Visit to Master Zhang on Mount Longhu

Experience the encounter with the Hail God during a visit to Master Zhang on Mount Longhu, where weather control and divine interventions unfold.

When Wang Gongyun arrived in the Chu region to take up his official position, he planned to visit Master Zhang on Mount Longhu. Upon reaching the shores of Poyang Lake and just boarding a boat, someone in a small boat approached, requesting to relay a message to Wang Gongyun. Wang Gongyun received the visitor and found him to be dignified and robust in stature. The visitor produced a name card from his pocket, saying, “I heard that your distinguished self was about to visit, so Master Zhang sent me as a humble official to welcome you.” Wang Gongyun was astonished that Master Zhang could foresee his visit and began to regard him even more as a deity. He sincerely proceeded to meet him. Upon reaching the mountain, Master Zhang hosted a banquet for Wang Gongyun. The clothing, headwear, and long beards worn by the servants attending the feast were mostly different from those of ordinary people. The earlier messenger also stood by to serve.

After a while, he whispered something to Master Zhang. Master Zhang said to Wang Gongyun, “This person is your fellow townsman; don’t you recognize him?” Wang Gongyun hastily asked which individual he was referring to. Master Zhang replied, “This is the renowned Hail God, Li Zu Che!” Upon hearing this, Wang Gongyun’s face changed in astonishment. Master Zhang explained, “He just mentioned that he has been ordered to descend hailstorms, so he must take his leave.” Wang Gongyun inquired, “Where is he going to unleash hailstorms?” Master Zhang responded, “It’s to Zhangqiu.” Wang Gongyun, because Zhangqiu bordered his hometown, was deeply concerned. He left his seat and earnestly implored to spare his region from the hail disaster. Master Zhang said, “This is the command of the Jade Emperor, and there is a predetermined quantity of hail to be unleashed. How can I privately intervene?” Wang Gongyun continued to plead persistently. After much contemplation, Master Zhang turned to the Hail God and instructed him, “You can release more hail in the valleys, but try your best not to damage the crops.” He further advised, “We have distinguished guests here now; you should depart slowly and avoid being reckless.” The Hail God left, and as he reached the courtyard, suddenly smoke appeared beneath his feet, and he was surrounded by clouds and mist. After about a quarter of an hour, he made a tremendous leap, reaching a height slightly above the trees in the courtyard. Then, with another leap, he soared higher than the buildings. With a thunderous sound, he flew northward, causing the houses to shake and the utensils on the banquet table to jostle. Wang Gongyun, frightened, exclaimed, “As he departs, will there be a thunderstorm?” Master Zhang said, “I cautioned him just now, so he is departing slowly. Otherwise, with a loud thunderclap, he would have vanished instantly.” After bidding farewell to Master Zhang and returning home, Wang Gongyun noted the date and sent someone to inquire about Zhangqiu. Indeed, on that very day, a heavy hailstorm had fallen there, filling the river channels with hail, but there were only a few hailstones in the farmlands.




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