Hacking Python: Rescuing the Older Brother

A tale of a brave younger brother rescuing his sibling from a python in a mountain valley.

In the village of Hutian, there was a family surnamed Hu. Two brothers were cutting firewood and entered a deep mountain valley. They encountered a large python. The older brother was in front and got bitten by the python. At first, the younger brother was scared and wanted to run away, but when he saw his older brother being bitten by the python, he angrily pulled out the firewood axe and struck the python’s head. Although the giant python was injured in the head, it continued to swallow. Seeing that his older brother’s head had been swallowed by the python, fortunately, his shoulders got stuck at the python’s mouth and couldn’t go down further. The younger brother was extremely anxious but had no other option. He grabbed his brother’s feet with both hands and struggled with the python, miraculously pulling his brother out. The python, in pain, fled. When they looked at the older brother, they saw that his ears and nose had already melted away, and he was barely alive, close to death. The younger brother carried his older brother and walked back home, resting more than a dozen times along the way, before finally returning home. After receiving medical treatment and rest, the older brother took almost half a year to fully recover. To this day, his face is scarred, and he has only holes left where his nose and ears used to be.

Ah! Among the rural farmers in the mountains, there is indeed such a younger brother who respects his elder brother so much! Some people say, “The python did not swallow the older brother because it was moved by the younger brother’s moral integrity and righteousness.” Is it really so!




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