Ghostly Wail: Supernatural Encounters and Mysteries

Explore eerie encounters and unexplained mysteries involving ghosts, spirits, and the supernatural world in these captivating tales.

During the chaos of the Xie Qian Rebellion, official residences were occupied by rebel soldiers as their strongholds. Among them, the residence of the Scholar-Envoy Wang Qixiang was particularly crowded with bandits. When the government troops breached the city and launched a sweeping search and kill operation against the rebels, the courtyard’s steps were soon filled with corpses, and blood flowed all the way to the outer gate. After Wang Qixiang entered the city, he removed the bodies, cleaned up the bloodstains, and settled in. However, even in broad daylight, ghosts would often be encountered within the residence. At night, phosphorescent lights would flicker under the beds, and the wailing of ghosts could be heard from the corners of the walls.

One day, the scholar Wang Haodi was staying at the Wang family’s residence when he heard a faint voice from under the bed repeatedly calling out, “Haodi! Haodi!” After a while, the voice grew louder, saying, “I suffered so much in death!” It then burst into tears, causing cries to echo throughout the courtyard. Wang Qixiang heard this and rushed in, brandishing a precious sword, and said arrogantly, “Don’t you recognize me, Wang Qixiang, from the Wang College?” All around, there was a chorus of “hissing” sounds as they collectively mocked him. Wang Qixiang then established a water-land Daoist temple and invited monks and Taoist priests to recite scriptures, offer repentance, and perform rites to help the departed souls. During the night when ghost rice was scattered, phosphorescent lights suddenly appeared everywhere. Initially, there was a gatekeeper surnamed Wang at the Wang residence who had been seriously ill and unconscious for several days. However, that night, he suddenly stretched his limbs as if waking from a deep sleep. His wife fed him some food, and he said, “Just a while ago, the master, for some reason, was giving alms in the courtyard, and I followed along with everyone, eating in a hurry. After finishing, I came back. So I’m not hungry now.” From then on, the ghosts and spirits no longer appeared. Could it be that the monks and Taoist priests’ rituals, prayers, and offerings had indeed been effective?

The chronicler of strange tales said: Things like evil spirits and demons can only be subdued by one’s virtue. When the government troops breached the city, Wang Qixiang’s power was immensely influential, and most people would tremble at the sound of his voice. However, the ghosts dared to mock him. It seems that these supernatural beings had already foreseen his unfavorable fate, right? I hereby advise all the gentlemen of the world: pretending to be like ghosts cannot scare ghosts, so I hope you will not pretend to have the appearance of ghosts to frighten others anymore!





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