Earthquake: Unforgettable Incidents During Earthquakes and Wolf Encounters

Read about the unforgettable incidents that occurred during earthquakes and a woman's encounter with a wolf in this article.

On the evening of the seventeenth day of the sixth month in the seventh year of Kangxi’s reign, around eight or nine o’clock, a great earthquake occurred. At that time, I happened to be residing in Jixia, drinking with my cousin Li Duozhi under the lamplight. Suddenly, we heard a noise resembling thunder coming from the southeast and heading northwest. Everyone was quite surprised, not understanding the cause. Before long, tables and chairs began to sway, wine cups overturned, and the beams, rafters, and pillars shifted and made a “creaking” sound. Everyone looked at each other, and their faces changed color. It took a while before we realized it was an earthquake and hastily ran out of the house. At that time, we saw some buildings collapsing and then standing up again; the sounds of walls collapsing and houses collapsing, along with the cries of children and women, were continuous and noisy, as if a pot was boiling over. People were so dizzy that they couldn’t stand, so they had to sit on the ground, rolling with the shaking earth. The river poured over its banks more than ten feet away, and the entire city was filled with the crowing of roosters and the barking of dogs. After about an hour, things finally settled down a bit. Looking at the streets, men and women were gathered together, naked, and eagerly describing the scene of the earthquake to each other, forgetting that they hadn’t put on clothes yet. Later, I heard that in some places, wells were tilting and could not draw water. In one household, the orientation of the towers and pavilions had changed from north to south. I also heard that Qixia Mountain had cracked open, and there was a large hole in the Yishui River, covering several acres. These were truly extraordinary and dramatic events.

There was a woman living in the county town who, one night, got up to relieve herself outside. When she returned, she saw a wolf carrying her child. The woman quickly struggled with the wolf for her child. Just as the wolf loosened its grip, the woman snatched her child back and held it in her arms. But the wolf crouched down and refused to leave. The woman cried out loudly for help, and when the neighbors rushed over, the wolf ran away. The woman’s frightened heart finally calmed down, and she couldn’t help but feel relieved. She gestured and described to everyone the situation when the wolf took her child and how she managed to get her child back. After talking for a while, she suddenly realized that she was completely naked, so she ran away. This incident was just like how during the earthquake, men and women forgot that they weren’t wearing clothes. People, in their panic and haste, forget the things they should pay attention to. How absurd it is!




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