Concubine Strikes Bandits: Courage and Martial Skills in a Tale of Intrigue

Discover the remarkable story of a concubine with hidden martial skills who transforms her family's fate in the face of danger.

In the western outskirts of Yidu, there lived a wealthy family by the name of Mr. So-and-so, who was extremely rich and possessed great wealth. He had a concubine who was exceptionally beautiful and graceful. However, the primary wife subjected the concubine to countless humiliations and torments, even resorting to harsh beatings. Despite this mistreatment, the concubine served the primary wife with utmost respect. Mr. So-and-so felt pity for the concubine and frequently offered words of comfort in private, yet the concubine never uttered a word of complaint.

One fateful night, dozens of bandits scaled the walls and nearly broke down the door of their house. Mr. So-and-so and his primary wife were petrified with fear, trembling and not knowing what to do. It was then that the concubine rose silently, feeling her way around the room in the darkness until she found a flat wooden water-carrying pole. She unlatched the door and suddenly charged outside. The bandits were thrown into disarray. The concubine swung the pole, creating a howling wind, and the iron hook made a “ding-dang” sound as she knocked down four or five of the intruders. The bandits lost their morale and fled in panic, screaming in all directions. In their haste, they couldn’t climb back over the wall and fell down, wailing as if they had lost their souls.

The concubine propped the pole against the ground, looked at them, and smiled, saying, “You people are not even worth me personally taking action. You dared to imitate bandits! I won’t kill you, because doing so would tarnish my honor.” She then let them all escape. Mr. So-and-so was astonished and asked, “How did you acquire such skills?” It turned out that the concubine’s father was a martial arts teacher, and she had inherited all of his abilities. In all likelihood, even a hundred people would not be a match for her.

The primary wife was especially frightened and regretted being deceived by appearances all along. From that day on, she treated the concubine with kindness, and the concubine remained unfailingly polite. Some of the neighboring women asked the concubine, “Why do you endure beatings and abuse from your sister-in-law, as if you were a pig or a dog, and even offer your neck willingly to the whip and cane?” The concubine replied, “This is my duty, and I dare not say otherwise.” Upon hearing these words, people admired her even more for her virtuous character.

Yi Shi said: The concubine possessed a unique skill, which she had kept secret for several years, and it was only after facing adversity that she finally transformed the primary wife from fierceness to kindness. Ah, Ah! Mr. Jia shot a wild chicken, and it brought a smile to his wife’s face; Xue Wancheng won a bet with a dagger, and then the Princess of Danyang returned home with him in the same carriage. It can be seen that skills are invaluable and should not be abandoned!




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