A Brotherly Divide and Nature’s Surprise

In the capital, the three brothers of the Tian family in Jingzhao, after deliberating on the division of their wealth, decided to share their resources equally. However, there was a purple catalpa tree in the courtyard, and they planned to each take a portion of it. The next day, when they went to cut it, the tree withered immediately, resembling the appearance of being burned. Terrified, Tian went to inspect it and exclaimed to his brothers, “This tree originally shared the same root. Upon hearing that it would be divided, it became desolate. It seems more sensitive than a person.” Overwhelmed with sorrow, he could not bring himself to continue cutting the tree. Miraculously, the tree flourished in response to their understanding, and moved by their mutual feelings, the brothers combined their wealth and became models of filial piety.

Tian progressed in his career, eventually reaching the rank of Senior Grand Master. As the poet Lu Ji expressed in his verse, “The joy of three catalpas sharing the same root.”

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