The Prophecy of Ninth Moon: A Journey of Remedies

In the land of Ru Nan, Huan Jing, accompanied by Fei Changfang, dedicated several years to scholarly pursuits. Changfang warned him, saying, “On the ninth day of the ninth month, a calamity will befall your home. Hurry and leave! Instruct your family to make crimson sachets, fill them with wormwood, tie them to their arms, ascend to a high place, and drink chrysanthemum wine. This will dispel the misfortune.” Taking heed of the advice, Jing and his family ascended a mountain. Upon their return in the evening, they discovered a sudden mass death of chickens, dogs, cows, and sheep. Changfang, upon hearing this, remarked, “This may serve as a substitution.” In modern times, the tradition of ascending to high places and drinking wine on the ninth day of the ninth month, with women carrying wormwood sachets, likely originated from this incident.

Original story in 《齊諧記》


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