Quirky Chronicles of Qu River

Inquisitive Emperor Jin Wu engaged Shu Shu Lang, a learned official named Zhi Yu Zhong Qia, in a discussion about the peculiar tradition of gathering at Qu River on the third day of the third month. Zhi Yu Zhong Qia shared a curious anecdote from the Han Dynasty, where a villager named Xu Zhao, facing a tragic loss of three newborn daughters, initiated a communal practice. The villagers, seeking to ward off misfortune, gathered at the river, cleansed themselves, and sent wine cups downstream—an origin story that left the Emperor less than thrilled.

Enter Scholarly Sojourn’s Bundled Xi, who offered a deeper historical perspective. He related the tradition to Duke of Zhou’s water journey during the establishment of Luo City and the Qin Dynasty’s unique encounter on the third day of the third month, involving a prophetic golden figure emerging from the river. This figure presented a sword, foretelling imperial control over the Western Xia—a revelation that turned the location into Qu River.

Emperor Jin Wu, impressed by the historical depth, rewarded Zhi Yu with fifty catties of gold and appointed him as the magistrate of Chengyang. Thus, the quirky chronicles of Qu River continue to fascinate with ancient mysteries and unexpected turns.

Original story in 《齊諧記》:



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