Yingzhou Island/瀛洲

Discover Yingzhou, an eastern mystical island with a profound cave harboring thousand-foot-long, horned, colorful fish, offering a glimpse into a world of aquatic wonders.

Yingzhou, also known as Hunzhou or Huanzhou, is an island located to the east. It features an extremely deep cave where water houses gigantic fish, spanning thousands of feet in length. These fish are adorned with colorful patterns and sport horns on their noses, often dancing and playing together in groups. From a distance, it appears as if a multicolored cloud hovers over the water’s surface, but upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that this effect is created by the water columns ejected by these fish, turning into mist and resembling a beautiful multicolored auspicious cloud. There are few sights that can compare to this splendor. On Yingzhou, there exists a tree called the Shadow Wood, which, when viewed under the sun, resembles stars appearing in the sky on a clear night. This tree bears fruit only once every ten thousand years. The fruit is melon-like, with green skin and black flesh. Consuming this fruit bestows lightness upon the body. The branches and leaves of the Shadow Wood resemble the umbrellas on imperial carriages, providing shelter for immortals seeking refuge from the rain and wind. Yingzhou also boasts the Golden Peak Temple, adorned with numerous circular jade ornaments, each featuring a hole in the center. The temple’s roof extends into the heavens. Within the Golden Peak Temple, there is a jade tea table covered with fine white silk embroidered with cloud patterns. Additionally, there are jade dragons carved from green jade, a sun made of fire essence, a three-legged crow crafted from black jade within the fire essence, a moon made of crystal with a jade toad and a jade rabbit inside. Below ground, mechanisms have been constructed for precise observations during both day and night, allowing accurate monitoring of lunar changes. Frequently, fragrant cool breezes blow through, and extending one’s sleeves to catch the breeze leaves them imbued with a lasting fragrance for many years. Yingzhou is inhabited by a creature known as the “Scent Stone Beast,” resembling a qilin. It refrains from consuming fresh grass and avoids turbid water. This creature possesses knowledge of the location of gold and jade. When it detects these treasures, it blows on them, causing the stones to part, separating the gold and precious gems from the sand, making them edible. There is also a plant known as the “Yun Grass,” resembling iris, where consuming its leaves induces intoxication, while consuming its roots results in sobriety. Another bird, similar to a phoenix with a turquoise body and red wings, is called the “Hidden Pearl.” Whenever this bird flies and sings, it spews forth numerous precious pearls. Immortals frequently use these pearls to adorn their clothing, likely due to their lightness and ability to shine brightly under the sun.


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