Temple Demon: Mysterious Encounters and Supernatural Events

Explore the eerie tale of Wang Qihou's encounters with a mysterious woman and a temple demon, leading to bizarre supernatural events.

In Xincheng, there was a scholar named Wang Qihou. He was the great-grandson of Mr. Wang Zhongyu and Mr. Wang Xiangkun, who held the position of Left Provincial Governor in Shanxi. Once, he witnessed a woman entering his room. She was dark and plump, with unremarkable looks, yet she approached the bed with a coquettish and intimate demeanor. Wang Qihou rejected her, but she refused to leave. From then on, whether he was sitting or lying down, Wang Qihou always saw her, but he remained resolute and unwavering.

This woman became enraged and slapped him in the face with her hand, making a sound but causing little pain. She then hung a rope from the beam and pulled Wang Qihou’s hair, attempting to hang him together. Unbeknownst to him, Wang Qihou ended up under the beam, stretching his neck as if he were about to hang himself. People saw him suspended in the air, but he did not die. Since then, Wang Qihou suffered from madness.

One day, he suddenly said, “She is going to jump into the river with me.” Saying this, he ran madly in the direction of the river, but people managed to restrain him. Such bizarre behavior happened frequently throughout the day, and neither witchcraft nor medical treatment had any effect.

One day, a warrior appeared, carrying a chain, and angrily rebuked, “How dare you harass an honest and simple person!” He immediately used the iron chain to lock the woman’s neck and went out through the window. Once outside, the woman no longer had a human form; her eyes were like lightning, and she had a gaping mouth filled with blood. Wang Qihou recalled that there were four clay statues of little demons in the City God Temple, and she closely resembled one of them. From that moment, Wang Qihou’s illness disappeared.



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