Subduing the Fox: A Tale of Conquering a Fox Spirit’s Charms

Explore the intriguing legend of a man who conquered a fox spirit's charms, leaving her in awe

Once there was a certain Tai Shi Gong who had been charmed by a fox spirit, making him weak and frail. He exhausted all methods of drawing talismans and reciting spells to drive away the fox spirit, but to no avail. He decided to return to his hometown in the hope of escaping the entanglement. However, no matter where Tai Shi went, the fox spirit would follow him. He was extremely frightened and at a loss.

One day, Tai Shi arrived in Zhuozhou, and outside a gate, there was a man claiming to be a bell-ringing doctor who could subdue fox spirits. Tai Shi invited the doctor into his house, and the doctor prescribed medicine for Tai Shi, which was an aphrodisiac used by both men and women. The doctor instructed Tai Shi to take the medicine, and when he entered the house, he engaged with the fox spirit, who had transformed into a woman. The encounter was intense and unstoppable. The fox spirit initially tried to evade and pleaded with Tai Shi to stop, but Tai Shi paid no heed and became more vigorous. The fox spirit struggled and writhed but could not escape. After a while, it fell silent and motionless. Upon closer inspection, the fox had returned to its original form and was dead.

Once upon a time, in our village, there was a man known for his licentious ways. He claimed that he had never had the opportunity to fully demonstrate his skills in bed. One night, he was living alone in an empty courtyard with no neighbors around. Suddenly, a woman appeared in front of his door, and even though the door was closed, she managed to enter. The man knew she was a fox spirit but still happily engaged with her.

As soon as this woman began to undress, the man wasted no time and went straight to the point. The fox-woman experienced intense pain and shock, emitting squeaking cries. Like a bird flying away from its snare, she jumped up, rushed through the window, and escaped. The man continued to gaze outside the window, calling out affectionately and pleading, hoping she would return, but all around was silent.

This man could truly be considered a fierce conqueror of fox spirits! He should hang a sign outside his door that says “Fox Exorcist” and make a living from it.




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