Pig-Dragon: The Mysterious Creature of Xijiang

Learn about the enigmatic Pig-Dragon of Xijiang, a short dragon-like creature with a taste for geese and ducks, and the legends surrounding it.

The Pig-Dragon, native to the Xijiang region, has a short and dragon-like appearance, capable of flying horizontally. It often emerges from the river and hunts geese and ducks along the riverbank. People who capture the Pig-Dragon often sell its meat to the Chen and Ke families. Both of these families are descendants of Chen Youliang, and for generations, they have been consuming Pig-Dragon meat, while people from other families dare not eat it. One day, a guest from Jiangxi obtained a Pig-Dragon and tied it to a boat. When the boat stopped at the Qiantang River, the rope holding the Pig-Dragon loosened slightly, and the Pig-Dragon suddenly jumped into the river. Instantly, the waves surged, and the merchant ship was tossed about by the waves, eventually sinking.



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