Mount Kunlun/昆仑山

Explore the enigmatic Mount Kunlun, where immortals dwell among clouds, and legendary creatures roam the nine-layered mythical summit.

On Kunlun Mountain, there is a vast place where immortals reside, known as Kunling. The height of Kunling surpasses that of the sun and moon. Kunlun Mountain consists of nine tiers, each separated by ten thousand li, and is surrounded by drifting five-colored clouds. When viewed from below, it resembles a palace. Clear winds constantly blow from all four directions, creating a refreshing breeze. The celestial beings on the mountain often ride dragons or cranes, frolicking and playing among the peaks. The term “winds from all four directions” means that gentle winds blow simultaneously from the east, south, west, and north. There is also a purifying wind that, when clothing is tainted by dust, can blow it clean as if it had been washed. A sweet dew permeates the air, resembling misty raindrops. When this dew falls upon plants, they become lush and vibrant like pearls. There is also a vermilion dew, which appears red as cinnabar from afar. When it falls upon trees and rocks, they turn red as if red snowflakes have been scattered upon them. If collected in a jade vessel, it resembles syrup made from malt. Kunlun Mountain, also known as Mount Sumeru in the Western tradition, stands directly beneath the Big Dipper, towering amidst the azure waves of the vast sea. Kunlun Mountain comprises nine tiers, and on its sixth tier grows a five-colored jade tree whose branches and leaves cover an area of five hundred li. At night, its radiance shines over the sea like lamps and candles. On the third tier, there are grain spikes as large as a cart, and gourds with vines resembling cinnamon trees. There are also certain fruits that grow in the winter, appearing jade green. When washed with water from a jade well and consumed, the body becomes light and gentle, capable of soaring into the boundless emptiness of the heavens.

On the fifth tier, there is a divine tortoise measuring one foot and nine inches in length. It has two pairs of wings and can live for over ten thousand years. When it reaches this age, it can climb up a tree to reside and is even capable of speech. As we ascend to the ninth tier, the mountain shape gradually becomes smaller and narrower. At the foot of the mountain, there are fields of Lingzhi mushrooms and Orchids, covering an area of several hundred hectares. These are cultivated and weeded by various divine beings. Nearby, there are twelve Jade Platforms, each one thousand paces wide, constructed using colorful jade stones as their foundations. On the lowest tier, there stands a towering palace called “Liu Jing,” reaching a height of forty zhang (around 120 meters). To the east, there is a palace dedicated to the masters of wind, clouds, and rain. To the south, there is a field of red dense clouds, appearing as red as cinnabar. These dense clouds descend from all four sides and form an impenetrable seal. To the west, there is Chi Pond, inhabited by many white dragons and chi creatures. These dragons and chi creatures shed their five viscera every one thousand years. On the left side of Chi Pond, there are five-colored stones, said to be the transformed intestines of the white chi creatures. There are also Langgan trees and Qiu Lin jade, which, when roasted over fire, yield precious oils. To the north, there is a unique forest of valuable trees. When two branches from these trees are struck together, they produce harmonious sounds and melodies. Nine rivers flow through the forest. To the south, there is a red river rushing down from the red mountainside. It dries up once every ten million years, only to reappear after another ten million years.


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