Foreign Monks: Mastery of Unique Skills

Discover the intriguing tale of two foreign monks who arrived in Qingzhou, dressed strangely, and demonstrated mysterious powers that left the temple inhabitants in awe.

Once, a monk named Tiku told the following story: In Qingzhou, there were two foreign monks who had a peculiar and strange appearance. They had earrings hanging from their ears, wore yellow robes, and had curly hair and beards. They claimed to be from the Western regions and had heard that the Governor of Qingzhou valued Buddhism, so they came to pay their respects. The Governor of Qingzhou sent two attendants to escort them to the temple.

The monks in the temple, including the Abbot, did not hold them in high regard. However, the temple’s administrator, who oversaw the monks, noticed that they were different and secretly hosted them. The two foreign monks stayed there. Someone asked them, “Are there any extraordinary beings in the West, like Arhats with strange powers?” One of the monks smiled faintly, pulled something out from his sleeve, and held a small pagoda in his palm, which was a little over a foot tall and exquisitely beautiful.

On the highest part of the temple’s wall, there was a small niche. The monk threw the small pagoda toward the niche, and it landed perfectly without any deviation. People saw that the pagoda emitted a radiant light, illuminating the entire room. After a while, the monk waved his hand, and the small pagoda returned to his palm.

The other monk bared his arms, sometimes extending his left arm, which was six or seven feet long, while his right arm disappeared. Then he extended his right arm, which was in the same condition as his left arm.



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