Farewell in a Dream: Predict Death of Friend

A man dreamed of his friend leaving on a journey and immediately prepared for a funeral. This highlights the strong trust and friendship between them, akin to stories of unbreakable bonds.

Mr. Li, whose courtesy name was Wang Chun, had a deep connection with my paternal great-uncle, Yutian Gong. One night, Mr. Li’s grandfather had a dream in which Yutian Gong came to his home, looking solemn, and engaged in a casual conversation with him. Mr. Li’s grandfather asked, “Why have you come here?” Yutian Gong replied, “I am about to embark on a long journey, so I’ve come to bid you farewell.” Mr. Li’s grandfather inquired further, “Where are you going?” Yutian Gong responded, “Far away.” After saying this, he walked out of the house. Mr. Li’s grandfather accompanied Yutian Gong to a valley and saw a large crack in the rock wall. Yutian Gong bid farewell to Mr. Li’s grandfather with a bow, then turned his back to the gaping crevice and slowly walked backward, disappearing into it. Despite Mr. Li’s grandfather’s repeated calls, Yutian Gong did not respond, and Mr. Li’s grandfather woke up from the dream.

At dawn, Mr. Li’s grandfather shared the dream with Tai Gong Li Jingyi and prepared the necessary items for a funeral, saying, “Yutian Gong has already passed away!” Tai Gong Li Jingyi suggested sending someone to verify the truth first, and if it proved to be true, then they could offer condolences later. However, Mr. Li’s grandfather didn’t listen and immediately went to Yutian Gong’s house. Upon arriving at Yutian Gong’s doorstep, he saw funeral banners already hung high on the door.

Alas! The ancients treated their friends with such mutual trust, whether in life or death. It is evident that the account of Zhang Shao’s coffin refusing to move forward towards the grave until his good friend Fan Shi arrived to pay his respects is not false!




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