Fangzhang Mountain/方丈山

Explore Fangzhang Mountain, an eastern mystical realm with jade forests, purple clouds, dragons, and the enchanting Cloud-Transmitting Terrace with its unique Constant Spring Trees.

Fangzhang Mountain is also known as Luanzhi Mountain. To the east of the mountain, there is a place called Longchang, covering an area of thousands of square miles. Here, beautiful jade abounds, and purple clouds float overhead. Within Longchang, there are dragons, and their scales and bones resemble hills, scattered across an area of hundreds of acres. When dragons molt, their shed scales and bones appear lifelike, resembling live dragons lying on the ground. Some say that dragons often engage in combat within Longchang, and during these battles, dragon fat and blood flow like water on the ground. Black dragon fat, when it adheres to plants and other objects, appears as if they have been coated with a thick layer of paint. Purple dragon fat, when it falls to the ground, solidifies and can be used to create precious items. In the second year of King Zhao of Yan’s reign, people from overseas brought exquisitely decorated ships and used finely crafted vessels to collect several bushels of dragon fat, which they presented to King Zhao of Yan. King Zhao of Yan sat on the Cloud-Transmitting Terrace, also known as the Cloud-Radiance Terrace. He ordered that the dragon fat be used as lamp oil, and the light illuminated a distance of one hundred li. The smoke produced by the lamps had a purple-red hue. When the people of Yan saw the light from a distance, they considered it an auspicious sign and prostrated themselves in worship. Dragon fat lamps used fire-washed cloth as wicks. To the west of Fangzhang Mountain, there is a reflecting stone. Even when standing ten li away from the stone, it can still reflect the images of people and objects like a mirror. Even the fragments of the reflecting stone can create reflections. Moreover, the large reflecting stones, measuring only one or two jin in weight, cover an area of one zhang square. King Zhao ordered that this type of stone be ground into stone paste and applied to the Cloud-Radiance Terrace. King Zhao of Yan and the Queen Mother of the West often visited and resided on the Cloud-Radiance Terrace. There were often many phoenixes and unicorns dancing and playing music on the terrace, creating melodies as if played on musical instruments. Divine and supernatural lights shone on the Cloud-Radiance Terrace, resembling the rising sun and moon.

To the left and right of the Cloud-Radiance Terrace, there are Everlasting Spring trees planted. These trees have leaves resembling lotus flowers and emit a fragrance akin to osmanthus. The flowers of the Everlasting Spring tree change color with the seasons. During the later years of King Zhao of Yan’s reign, the Everlasting Spring tree, a sacred offering from immortals, was obtained. As a result, emissaries from various countries came to pay their respects. King Zhao of Yan remarked, “Now that I have the Everlasting Spring tree, why should I worry about not reaching the realm of the Pure Clear Immortals?” The term “Everlasting Spring” is synonymous with the present-day agarwood. There is a type of grass called Rujian, with leaves of deep green tinged with red and stems as dark as lacquer. It is slender, soft, and flexible, suitable for weaving. People from overseas territories use this grass to make seat cushions. When rolled up, the cushion is less than a foot long, but when spread out, it can accommodate guests from various countries. The vertical strips of the cushion are connected by sedge grass. Sedge grass is as thin as hair, with each stem reaching eight hundred feet in length. It is soft, fragrant, smooth, and used by the immortals to make reins for dragons and swan chariots. There is also a lake, one hundred square li in size, with shallow water that can be walked through. The mud at the bottom of the lake is golden in color and spicy in taste. This mud can be used to make vessels or small boats. After multiple refinements, the mud can transform into gold, with a greenish color. It can reflect ghosts, demons, and supernatural beings like a stone mirror, leaving them with no place to hide.


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