Nine Husbands’ Grave

Outside the southern gate of Jurong County(句容), there lies a grave known as the Nine Husbands’ Grave. Legend has it that there was a woman, exceedingly beautiful. After her husband passed away, leaving behind a son, their household became very wealthy. So, she remarried and bore another son. The second husband also passed away and was buried beside the first husband. Later, she married a third time, yet this husband, like the others before him, met the same fate. In this manner, she married a total of nine husbands and bore nine sons, their graves forming a circle. When this woman died, she was buried in the middle of the nine graves. Every day at sunset, gusts of cold wind would sweep through the cemetery; at night, there were sounds of shouting and fighting, as if they were envious of each other, jealous, vying for the woman’s attention.

Travelers dared not pass through this place, and the people from the nearby villages felt deeply unsettled, so they collectively reported the matter to County Magistrate Zhao Tianjue(趙天爵). Magistrate Zhao, accompanied by these individuals, arrived at the Nine Husbands’ Grave. He arranged a procession, conducted an investigation, and ordered the bailiffs to strike each grave thirty times with a large plank. From that day forth, peace and quiet reigned in that place.

Translated from《九夫墳》in 《子不語》:


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