Mystical Whirl of Prosperity

In the eastern outskirts, thirty miles from the ancient Wuxing County, lies the enchanting Meixi Mountain. At the base of this mountain stands a singular stone, rising vertically, reaching a height of over a hundred feet. It possesses a natural elegance, appearing as a perfectly rounded structure akin to the size of two houses. It stands alone, soaring into the clouds above, presenting an insurmountable barrier to ascent. Perched atop this majestic stone is another, resembling a circular millstone, ceaselessly revolving with a sound reminiscent of wind and rain. Locals, recognizing its distinctive nature, aptly name it the “Whirling Stone Mill.”

The stone’s swiftness or slowness in rotation seemingly governs the agricultural fortunes of the region. A rapid whirl ensures a bountiful harvest, while a languid spin foretells lean years. This enigmatic natural phenomenon, known as the “Whirling Stone Mill,” serves as a reliable indicator of the forthcoming abundance or scarcity of the harvest, an age-old testament to the interconnectedness of nature’s rhythms.

Original story in 《齊諧記》


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