The City God’s Naked Plea for Clothing

Daoist Zhang Ting(張挺) was in charge of repairing the City God Temple in Huzhou(湖州). He ordered craftsmen to carve a three-zhang tall statue of the City God out of sandalwood and embroidered a ceremonial robe to dress the statue. Just three days after the new City God statue was enshrined, Zhang Ting dreamt of a giant standing before him. This giant wore a celestial crown on his head but was completely naked. Startled from his dream, Zhang Ting immediately thought of the newly erected City God statue and hurried to the temple to see what had happened.

Just then, a Daoist from the temple rushed to report that the ceremonial robe on the City God statue had been stolen. Zhang Ting promptly ordered a new robe to be made and instructed his subordinates to apprehend the thief.

Translated from《城隍赤身求衣》in 《子不語》:


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